Privacy Policy

Policy on Protection of Personal information (Privacy Policy)

Sumiden International Trading (H.K.) Co. Ltd (“SITH” hereafter) shall handle customers’ personal information, which gathered from inquiry input form of this website or through email, according to this policy on Protection of Personal information.

Visiting the Website

Customers can access our website without disclosing their own personal information. No personal information will be gathered if you only access our website.

Management of personal information

In order to prevent customers’ information from being misuse, missing, modify, disclose to the others, etc, SITH will handle personal information with suitable care by using reasonable technology.

Usage of personal information

SITH will use customers’ personal information only to answer their inquiries if necessary.

Depending on the contents of customers’ inquiries, SITH may respond to you through our company’s business partners, such as our group companies, outsourcing partners and partner companies. In this case, we may forward the contents you registered to the related partners.

Disclosing to the third parties

Without customers’ permission, unless there are special cases such as being obliged to disclose based on laws and regulations, SITH will not provide customers’ information to third parties other than our group companies, outsourcing partners and partner companies.

Customers’ inquiries about personal information

When SITH receive the following request from our customer who’s personal information is being managed by us, we will fulfill customer’s request and take necessary actions within a reasonable range.

  • Inquiry about the content
  • Modify, update or delete
  • Withdraw part or all of the agreement on the use of personal information already made to us.

Modify and improvement on information handling

We will follow the laws and regulations concerning the protection of customers’ personal information and we will endeavor to review and improve them as necessary.