Company Profile

Management Philosophy

As members of the Sumitomo Electric Industries Group, under high business ethics based on the “Sumitomo Electric Industries Group Management Philosophy”, we engage in items such as the “Legal Compliance” and "Information Disclosure” stipulated in the “Sumitomo Electric Industries Group Management Philosophy” with strong spirit and intense enthusiasm.

The Sumitomo Electric Industries Group will:

  • Provide products and services of the highest caliber In response to requests from customers
  • Create technologies and produce transformation, striving for continuous growth
  • Be aware of our corporate social responsibility, contributing to the creation of a better society and environment
  • Maintain high business ethics, always aiming to be a company that is trusted

Foster a corporate culture that enables self realization and that is vibrant

Sumitomo Electric Industries Group Code of Conduct (established June 1997)

1. Provision of excellent products and services
We will provide excellent products and services that are useful to society and safe, and that have the ability to satisfy customers in a variety of aspects such as quality and cost.

2. Development of new businesses and new products with originality
We will grasp the needs of the customers and will work to develop new businesses and new products that exhibit superior ingenuity, with originality and excellent strength in the earnings they deliver.

3. Global business development and overall group growth and development
We will always conduct business with a global view, harnessing the dynamism of the group management and aiming for continual growth and development for the group overall.

4. Consideration for the global environment
We will act to preserve the global environment in a voluntary and active manner, contributing to the building of a sustainable society.

5. Following laws and ordinances
We will scrupulously follow laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, acting in an open and aboveboard manner.

6. Fair & reasonable business activities
We will conduct fair, transparent and free competition and we will conduct reasonable business dealings.

7. Activities with awareness as a member of society
Along with carrying out activities with awareness as a member of society for realization of a better society, we will make extensive contributions to society. We will firmly stand against antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and safety.

8. Cooperation with global society
We will respect the cultures and customs of each country and region, and will contribute to economic and social development.

9. Building of a positive workplace environment and training of personnel
We will build a healthy and vibrant workplace environment based on the protection of human rights and making safety our top priority. We will respect the personalities and individuality of employees, and will support career and performance development contributing to self-realization.

10. Proper information disclosure and promotion of communication
The shareholders will disclose company information to all stakeholders in a proper manner. We will strive to facilitate communication with society via items such as PR and public hearing activities.